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How to Use WIP Limits For Your Own Good

The point of Kanban is simplicity: a streamlined visual representation of all the hard work going into a project; what works, what doesn’t, what needs doing and what what’s been finished. Cluttering up a board with unfinished projects only serves to take up important space and waste your team’s time.

WIP limits exist in Kanban to stop that from happening. Starting one task, then starting another before the first is finished, can lead to a dangerous cycle where more tasks are being started than finished, which in turn can deter progress on the rest of the project.

Ideally, unfinished tasks shouldn’t spend long in the WIP stage to ensure maximum efficiency, so consider setting WIP limits for your team. Having a rough idea always helps, but a finished idea can always be used to speed the rest of the project along.

If you’d like to learn the finer points of Kanban and how to use it to fit your business’ needs, contact Arvind at The Agile Works at

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