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Welcome to The Agile Works

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Welcome to The Agile Works! We are an up-and-coming agile recruitment, training and consultancy business, founded in 2016 by our director Arvind Mishra. Based in London, UK, we are striving to become a household name; providing many more companies the tools that they require in order to thrive, and not just survive!

In April 2021, Arvind expanded his one-man team via the UK Government Kickstart Scheme. Through this process he was able to recruit four up and coming creatives who had had it rough due to the impact that the pandemic had had on their respective industries.

Together, Arvind, Georgia, Lolly, Kashif and Imogen managed to lay the foundations for our website, and the content you see around you. And, despite Georgia leaving the team in order to pursue her passion, the impact she had on the team and the way our company presents itself cannot be understated.

We are currently a four-man-team, with Arvind at the helm and his interns behind him, we are excited to tackle the ever-changing world around us:

Arvind (he/him) brought this team together; having founded this business off his own back and shared his insight and knowledge from years of agile coaching to many amazing companies, prior, an extended list which can be found here! And graciously bestowed upon his interns the tools he would require to help build his business up. (link to Our Clients Page)

Lolly (she/her) has been the hub of our creative ideas, her illustrations grant our work some much needed colour! With our signature pop of orange against our grey, white, black and blue, being dubbed “Lolly’s Pop”. Her ideas are always great and we love the character behind her illustrations!

Kashif (he/him) has been a staple member of our team, the first of two content writers on the team, his content focuses more on the theoretical processes of agility and his matter-of-fact and direct writing style is greatly admired.

Imogen (she/her) has been part of The Agile Works, writing digital content which often borders the bizarre and philosophical, often providing different perspectives on topics frequently overlooked. We appreciate her ability to go beyond looking outside the box and instead completely dismantling it.

Georgia (she/her) laid the foundations for our fresh digital appearance, helping refine our new colour scheme, logo and website design, a great leader, and director of ideas, she was able to get us off to a great start.

We are excited to share our knowledge and insight with you as we strive to thrive amidst these turbulent times, instead of simply surviving.

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