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Using Scrum Sliders To Take Your Scrum To The Next Level

While Scrum has been an important aspect of Agile development for decades, it’s unfortunate that it means different things to different people.

Agile coach Ashok Singh once said: “When people are not able to solve organizational problems, they come down to tweaking the framework to accommodate the dysfunctions.” This means that businesses who are unable to use Scrum to work out their problems often change their own definition of Scrum to fit their needs, leading to the sentiment that “no one does Scrum by the book.”

Instead, perhaps they should figure out how Scrum could be used at maximum efficiency, before altering it to fit different needs. To do this, consider the idea of “Scrum Guide Sliders,” a customizable and simple interface for better visualising contents of the Scrum Guide and demonstrate how successful Scrum can be when used properly.

The interface is sorted into four sections:

  • The Development Team

  • The Product Owner

  • The Scrum Master

  • The Sprint

These sections can each be adjusted using a slider that creates a spectrum between “Scrum in Name Only” and “Scrum by the Book.”

Using this system, it is possible to adjust what constitutes Scrum while retaining the spirt of Scrum, fitting it to your own needs without straying from what made the methodology so popular in the first place. Even if the existing system is a little different to what you require, it’s possible to customise the Scrum Guide Sliders and create the ultimate Scrum method for your team.

If you’d like to learn how to use Scrum for your business needs, contact Arvind at The Agile Works at

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