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The Seven Core Competencies of SAFe

SAFe’s Overview page describes seven Lean-Agile competencies that centre on the customer, while providing their own benefits in understanding how SAFe can be integrated in order to attain business agility. These include:

  • Lean Agile Leadership – Acting as a team leader as opposed to a boss. Inspiring and encouraging team members to achieve maximum efficiency.

  • Team and Technical Agility – The essential Lean-Agile methods used by top tier Agile teams for solving customers’ problems through creative means.

  • Agile Product Delivery – A way of developing a plan for creating and releasing products with the customer in mind.

  • Enterprise Solution Delivery – How Lean-Agile practices can be applied to industry-standard software and programmes.

  • Lean Portfolio Management – The use of Lean-Agile principles for planning business and economic strategies.

  • Organizational Agility – The refinement of a business’ structure and how it can evolve and adapt to different circumstances through the application of Lean-Agile principles.

  • Continuous Learning Culture – Values and practices that promote an interest in continuously learning, adding to existing knowledge so tasks can be performed in innovative ways.

For more information on accessing SAFe and learning about the core competencies, contact Arvind at The Agile Works at

(Sourced from SAFe Distilled: Achieving Business Agility With the Scaled Agile Framework by Knaster & Leffingwell)

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