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Pics Or It Didn't Happen

I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase: pics or it didn’t happen, usually between people discussing a dramatic event or story that they experienced at a point in time. The same can be said for the way that a company implements agile practice.

This may sound bizarre, but, if you think about it, the phrase exists to declare the sheer nature of an idea being outrageous or out of character. The same can be said for corporations willing to gamble for new ideas etc. after all, if you know what is in place, and that it works, nature itself begs you to stick with what you know. But, just as chicks do, eventually, you must take the leap, spread your wings, and soar. Some may flee the nest, and others may flock closer to home.

Agile practice was made for the ones that are willing to fly; reaching distances beyond the horizon and migrating toward pastures new.

It is easy enough to undergo an agile transformation in the workplace when you do so superficially; a quick reshuffle here, a quick change of title there, and wham, your manager is now the scrum master. Nothing has really changed, but the company is praised for taking a punt at the corporate world’s latest innovation.

Deepu Prakash, SVP of process and technology innovation at Fingent said that “Agile is a way of thinking”, and that’s very much true. You can label people with the appropriate titles to appear as agile people, however, if they do not think agile thoughts, act upon them etc. then it is only an agile company at a face value.

It is easy enough to say you are agile, but, without evidence of the practice, without demonstrating that these practices take place and acting with them in mind, means very little. You must believe you can go the distance before you embark on the migration, otherwise, you will find yourself lost, and unable to find your way, and inevitably go back the way you came.

But, the most important part is the effort that you put into something. You can say you will do something for days and weeks and months, but until you actually start to implement this thought, it really does mean nothing, doesn’t it. Like an addict kicking the habit of drink or smoking. You must take the path you’re heading on, one day at a time.

It gets easier to understand, easier to work with and adapt to. If you are used to soaring alongside the winds, you’ll know how to rise above the gales that threaten your flight.

Keep going.

The Agile Works, based in London, UK, was founded by Arvind Mishra in 2016. We are an up-and-coming training, recruitment and consultancy business with the goal of becoming a household name. We strive to provide you with the tools to make your company that can thrive, and not just survive.

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