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  • Arvind Mishra

Advantages of SAFe

As mentioned in an earlier post, business agility is a necessity for organizations to flourish in the information age. But SAFe can bring a host of other benefits to your company as well.

SAFe can be implemented by organizations of any size, and can improve product quality, customer satisfaction, employee engagement and a cohesive, rewarding working environment where employee morale is maximised.

In order for an organization to reap these benefits, they must learn how to become a Lean-Agile business. This means adopting core values that encourage new mindsets, new possibilities, new methods of management, and a continuously evolving company culture.

SAFe lists the responsibilities and actions needed to integrate Lean-Agile practices through collaboration and project delivery plans that can be scaled and configured to any organizations’ needs. The website for SAFe includes a Big Picture page with tabs that enable you to choose which configuration is best for your business.

Each icon on this page can be clicked to open menus where your SAFe experience can be adjusted. These include seven core components of Lean enterprises, the values, roles and principles that comprise SAFe, and four main configurations.

To see how your organization can adopt SAFe, contact Arvind at The Agile Works at

(Sourced from SAFe Distilled: Achieving Business Agility With the Scaled Agile Framework by Knaster & Leffingwell)

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